El debut de Los Crema Paraiso

El Debutlcp_cover1

Los Crema Paraiso is the new sensational and powerful trio from Neil Ochoa (Si Se), José Luis Pardo (Los Amigos Invisibles) and Alvaro Benavides that brings Venezuelan traditional music into jazz, rock, funk, latin grooves, electronica and exotic sounds from all over the world.

Influences from the likes of Aldemaro Romero, Noel Petro, Tom Jobim, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Pink Floyd, Freddy Reyna, Ali Aguero, The Police among others make this trio a unique outfit packed of energy and fullfilled with elements that will make you dance in a way that never have before.

“We are all Venezuelans that grew up playing different kinds of music but felt challenged to play with our roots and also wanted to bring something else to the way people sees music from our native country” says Jose Luis Pardo. Their music sounds like high speed bossa nova, jazzy modern waltz, percussive atmosferic music with the warm and sweetness that only a band with these musicians could. Based on a line up a classic Venezuelan songs, Rock anthems and original pieces, LOS CREMA PARAISO will soon rock a place near you…

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